• Post published:December 14, 2023

Celebrating the Spirit of Innovation: This December, immerse yourself in a limited-time showcase hosted in the WoW Museum, featuring a collaboration between Women in Tech and World of Women in The Sandbox metaverse. 

Just a few months ago, at the 2023 Women in Tech Global Summit, Ayumi Moore Aoki, the driving force behind Women In Tech, unveiled their next endeavor — the blueprint for WIT HQ, custom-designed by NABIYA in The Sandbox metaverse. This announcement marked the beginning of an exciting partnership between Women in Tech and World of Women.  

Brought together by shared values and a common studio, the virtual venue stands as a beacon of innovation and highlights the accomplishments of women in technology. The partnership aims to offer a vibrant space for their communities to connect and network, and to continue their efforts to empower women globally in a virtual space that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

The World of Women Museum Makeover

Building on the momentum of World of Women’s Belonging Week event, the WoW Museum is set to host this immersive experience. With a sense of architectural brilliance, the museum unveils a circular design, where intricate shapes usher in natural light, creating a stage where the dynamics of innovation shine. This deliberate design fosters an immersive atmosphere that will temporarily transform the WoW museum space into the Women in Tech HQ. As they prepare to invite you to join their experience this season, the WoW Museum has been artfully reimagined to harmoniously align with Women in Tech’s aesthetics and ethos.

The first phase saw the careful transfer of the WoW Museum’s artworks into the metaverse archives, safeguarding them for the duration of this event. The main hall, the heart of the venue, has been temporarily but thoroughly reenvisioned, transitioning from its original museum character to a dynamic conference stage, purpose-built for this unique occasion.

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In the final strokes of transformation, each floor embraced the vibrant colors of WIT. With this metamorphosis, every floor found its purpose, intricately tied to a facet of WIT’s mission. The first floor emerged as the Global Information hub, while the second floor assumed the role of a dedicated tech haven. As for the third floor, it became a lively hub for digital connection. Of course, a perfect metaverse HQ isn’t all work and no play. Venture to the rooftop, where sustainability meets relaxation, mirroring WIT’s commitment to both the environment and well-being. And down in the garden, every shade of green whispers the story of a tranquil haven in the heart of the metaverse. The redesign reflects a vibrant fusion of innovation and empowerment, creating a space that echoes the dynamic spirit of WIT’s mission.

Welcome to the Women In Tech HQ

In this innovative metaversal HQ, every area presents a unique facet of tech exploration, self-discovery, and collaborative engagement. Welcome to a space where the boundaries between the virtual and the real dissolve, inviting you on a journey to redefine empowerment in the digital landscape.


Begin your exploration in the lush garden, where the rhythmic hum of robot gardeners sets the tone for an enchanting experience. Their tireless work, alongside the skilled WIT Team gardener, creates an atmosphere of serenity and natural beauty.

Once you’re all set for your learning quest, proceed to the ground floor and discover the main stage, where enlightening talks and engaging discussions unfold. Feeling a bit clueless? No problem! Ask the receptionist to guide you. She’s always ready to assist and provide the conference schedule. As you wander through the corridors, you might find speakers taking a break by the pool table. Whether it’s a genius move to blow off some steam or just an experiment in progress…Well, the jury’s still out, but around here, we’re all for a bit of playful pondering!

Take the stairs up to the first floor to connect with WIT staff and delve into global initiatives showcased on informative screens. Should you harbor aspirations of joining Women In Tech, the knowledgeable staff is at your service, providing information and support.

Head on up to the second floor and prepare to be wowed by the coolest jet packs and holographic models around. Dive headfirst into the VR game scene equipped with the slickest headsets and sensors in the metaverse. If you’re up for some friendly competition, hit the arcade dance machines. Rumor has it, one of the HQ employees makes it a daily mission to clinch that top spot. Are you game enough to take on the challenge?

Level up your journey to the third floor’s Connexion Space, where the action is as vibrant as a coding hackathon. Join live video conferences, or network like a pro while chatting about the juiciest tech news or get hands-on with interactive tables that will give you some insightful tech stats.

Wrap up your adventure on the rooftop, where friends, both old and new, are ready to welcome you. Sip on a drink at the rooftop bar or relax to the mesmerizing rhythm of kinetic turbines. Need a moment to reflect? Take a seat on one of the see-saws and carve out your little haven amidst the buzzing metaverse. It’s the perfect ending to a day filled with discovery, connection, and a touch of playful tranquility.


Ready to explore the Women In Tech HQ? Dive into The Sandbox now for a journey of empowerment and tech innovation! 

About Women in Tech

Championing diversity in tech for over four decades, Women In Tech (WIT) stands as a global leader in Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in STEAM. With its headquarters in Paris and over 200,000 members across 48 countries, WIT is a transformative force committed to Driving & Measuring IMPACT. Since 2018, WIT has influenced 350,000+ lives, contributing significantly to seven Sustainable Development Goals. Join the movement shaping a more inclusive tech landscape!

About World of Women

World of Women is a membership club positioned at the forefront of art, tech, and culture. Members gain access to a powerful network, an iconic digital identity with highly permissive IP rights, priority access to exclusive events and experiences, curated perks, and more.


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