• Post published:December 14, 2023

As 2023 gracefully bows out, NABIYA is thrilled to look back on a year packed with game-changing moments! We’ve been going the extra mile in the past few months, fueled by passion to deliver spectacular experiences on The Sandbox.

And guess what SandFam? Brace yourselves for an extra dose of NABIYA magic, as we gear up to enchant you with not one, not two, but three experiences. December is about to become your favorite month!

Today, consider this your exclusive backstage pass to a sneak peek—one of the gems we’ve polished just for you.

The City of Evil is Back on December 11th

Get ready to rock in the metaverse! The City of Evil, a fan-favorite from Season 3, is back with a bang for the Winter Event on The Sandbox. If you thought its last performance was epic, brace yourself, because this encore promises to be even more thrilling. Outshining 98 other experiences in Season 3 by drawing the largest crowd, the City of Evil is here to whisk you away on yet another wild ride through the metaverse.

Designed with a creative vision mirroring the essence of Avenged Sevenfold, this experience will leave an indelible memory for those who missed it in Season 3. Inspired by A7X’s fusion of intricate instrumentals and profound lyrics, the City of Evil pays homage to the band, offering fans a space to immerse themselves in their universe beyond concert venues.

From the monumental Giant Skull to the psychedelic Casino, each landmark is meticulously crafted to plunge you into the heart of the band’s world. Upgraded to The Sandbox’s 0.9 Game Maker, the game now features new quests inspired by Avenged Sevenfold’s latest album, “Life is But A Dream” ensuring a unique and elevating adventure for fans.

From Metal Vibes to Gaming Thrill

Whether you’re here for a momentary taste of an A7X concert or to enjoy a little gameplay, there’s something for everyone in the City of Evil.

If you’re in the mood for a casual chill in the band’s place, here are some tips to explore the coolest places.

Feeling lucky? Hit the casino 24/7, but don’t forget those skull coins – without them, even Lady Luck might take a rain check on the jackpot! Prefer a laid-back vibe to enjoy the festive season with your friends? The Casino Rooftop’s your spot to party all night long.

a7x 9

Yearning for a Wild West adventure? Stroll into the saloon, where the bartender crafts legendary cocktails. But, heads up: sipping unwisely could land you in a showdown instead of sipping cocktails. Now, for the ultimate escapade, venture a bit deeper to witness new marvels beneath the Giant Skull’s gaze or lose yourself in the captivating wonders of the Deathbats Club NFT Gallery.

If you’re more of a gamer, don’t worry, we’ve cooked up quests that’ll tickle your gamer instincts! Feel the adrenaline as you take on parkour challenges, aiming to conquer the Arch and reach the celestial heights. The view up there is something else, but only the true masters will bask in its glory. Psst… there might be other sneaky parkour surprises lurking around, too!

a7x 13

But hey, it’s not all about skill challenges. Time to put your fandom knowledge to the ultimate test! We’re turning up the volume on the fun factor – flex those lyrical muscles and see if you can flawlessly nail every line of “A Life is But a Dream.” If you find yourself stumbling over the verses, fear not; it might just be time for a lyrical tune-up. And here’s the catch – no peeking at the album lyrics to ace those quizzes. We’re counting on your genuine lyrical prowess!

“Press the magic button and behold the world you crave”

Feel the surge of excitement coursing through your veins? Brace yourself for an explosive journey as we open the gates. No need to camp or queue, just click that link below and be sure to reach the City of Evil in no time.