• Post published:March 25, 2023

Ready for a fashion journey through time?

The “être soie” exhibition, hosted in Maison NABI, is currently running and is set to take visitors on a journey through crafsmanship. To coincide with this event, NABIYA has created an exclusive NFT drop, called “SO FRENCH.” This collection is inspired by the luxurious costumes and styles of the French court and has been reinterpreted for the digital era. NABIYA studio has meticulously crafted 4 costumes, “wearables”, paying homage to the opulence and sophistication of French fashion.

The “SO FRENCH” collection captures a mix of French history and offers a contemporary twist on the luxurious garments worn by nobles and royalty at court. This NFT drop is part of the vibrant “French Weeks” celebration and is a must-see for fashion enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

dashing duke equipped
Dashing Duke is known for his great sartorial taste.
majestic duchess equipped
Majestic Duchess is the boss, she means business.
elegant earl equipped
Elegant Earl is perfect for classy adventures.
courtly chic lady equipped
Courtly Chic Lady was the lady-in-waiting for Marie-Antoinette.

The collection provides a rare opportunity to showcase avatars in sumptuous wearables that embody the spirit of French savoir-faire. From Marie Antoinette-inspired gowns to intricate embroidery reminiscent of Louis XIV’s era, these NFT wearables are a fashion revolution in the metaverse.

NABIYA’s “SO FRENCH” collection offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of French fashion history reimagined for the metaverse. As an NFT collection, these assets are unique and offer collectors a chance to own exclusive pieces of digital art. By owning one of these wearable NFTs, one can elevate their avatar’s wardrobe to new heights of elegance.

“SO FRENCH” NFT collection is a must-see for anyone interested in fashion, history, and digital art. With its unique blend of French history and contemporary design, it is sure to be a popular addition to any collection.