• Post published:January 5, 2024

After winning the Best Studio Sandie Award in 2022, NABIYA has once again been nominated, this time for the outstanding work on the Shrine of Kongz in collaboration with SAND RUSH. NABIYA Studio has also been designated as an Advanced Preferred Partner by The Sandbox. Reflecting on the successes of 2023, this nomination serves as the perfect opportunity for the studio to delve deeper into the exquisitely hand-crafted CyberKongz experience. 

What is the Shrine Of Kongz?

Deep within the Kongiverse lies the mystical Shrine of Kongz, an ancient site of unknown origin that may be older than time itself. Protected by some of the most zealous and powerful Kongz, the Shrine is the only known site left behind by its mysterious creators, known as “The Prometheans.”

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Since its discovery over a thousand years ago, this sanctuary has become the spiritual and cultural heart of the world of Kongz. Pilgrims from across the Kongiverse pray for inspiration and good fortune within its sacred grounds, while others seek out remnants of Promethean relics, waiting to be unearthed like fossils from an age long forgotten.

Pick Your Pilgrimage Path

This experience is about the journey and the destination.

Players who take on the pilgrimage will be able to visit the island and pay hommage at the Shrine Of Kongz, where they will have the opportunity to explore plenty of elaborately detailed nooks and crannies around the island. It is said that the Kongz blessed by the Prometheans with the best climbing skills can even make it all the way to the top of the Shrine.

The island is populated with plenty of Kongz and other fantastic creatures who have suggestions of activities for the players to do during their visit. Many more will also be happy to share some glimpses into the island’s history and the legendary origins of the Shrine.

The island is massive and full of secret paths and lost relics: players are encouraged to take their time and have fun finding their own favorite routes to the Shrine – through the rope ride that crosses the entire island may just be the best.

shrine of kongz celestial clock

Origins of the Shrine

It all began when The Sandbox land neighbors, Pepe Hiller (SAND RUSH) and Marie Franville (NABIYA) came together with the vision of creating a never-before-seen landmark for the metaverse. A total of eight artists from both teams collaborated for 3 months to create one of the largest assets on The Sandbox at the time, taking up over ⅓ of the size of a LAND: more than 40 cubic meters.

What made the Shrine special was not only its level of details, a unique approach to texturing blending ancient elements with a futuristic aesthetic. It was one of the very first collaborations between multiple teams on the Sandbox.

From Bidding Bonanza to Banana Extravaganza

The resulting “Shrine Of Truth” became the subject of The Sandbox’s first asset auction on July 8th 2021. Famous bidders came along and until the last minute the suspense was intense. Eventually, an anonymous buyer won the auction.

Two days later, after a full day of gripping suspense, CyberKongz announced publicly they were the buyers, gaining exclusive rights to the gorgeously detailed “Shrine of Truth Kongz”!

When it was decided that they would tailor the Shrine to fit the distinctive CyberKongz aesthetic and universe in a 2×1 LAND, NABIYA & SAND RUSH joined forces to create one of a kind game. The result is an unparalleled experience for all who wish to venture on a pilgrimage to the spiritual heart of the world of CyberKongz.

Seize the opportunity and embark on the pilgrimage to the mystical Shrine of Kongz, available until January 22nd, 2024.

Don’t forget to pack some bananas.


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