• Post published:October 29, 2021

Find us on Opensea 30th October 2021

halloween 2021

The inspiration

It’s pumpkin season and we are very excited to be launching our own Halloween-themed NFT drop. While our team of voxel artists are already well experienced building on The Sandbox, as this is our first Halloween as Nabiya studio, we thought we would celebrate in style.

The inspiration for the ambience we created came from Tim Burton’s work, we are big fans !

While Voxel was not exactly friendly when it came to capturing Burton’s distinctive shapes and patterns, like knotty, angular, spiral tree branches, we believe we succeeded to create a vibrant result, in keeping with the filmmaker’s style.

Pick and choose to compose your own Halloween spot

The NFTs are fully ready-to-integrate on The Sandbox land. This scene will make a nice spooky spot.

The NFT drop of 9 rare assets are featured on Opensea marketplace. Check out the collection.

Featured NFTs


halloween jacko
Jacko the Scarecrow, Legendary 3/3, 1 100 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea


halloween bloodypicnic
Bloody picnic, Legendary 3/3, 1 100 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea


halloween burtontree
Burton tree, Legendary 3/3, 1 100 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea


5 assets can be purchased individually, decide on your own composition

Cross Tombstone, candles & autumn leaves

halloween crosstombstone
Graveyard scene, Cross Tombstone, Rare 10/10, 390 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea

RIP tombstone and skull on it (with bright green eyes), candles & autumn leaves

halloween graveyardscene
Graveyard scene, RIP Tombstone, Rare 10/10, 390 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea

Funeral monument & pumpkin

halloween funeralmonument
Graveyard scene, Funeral monument, Rare 10/10, 390 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea

Animated coffin with a skeleton

halloween animatedcoffin
Graveyard scene, Animated coffin, Epic 8/8, 590 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea

Skeleton, shovel

halloween graveyardsceneexhumed
Graveyard scene, Exhumed Skeleton, Common 15/15, 190 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea
halloween spookyfence
Spooky fence, Rare 10/10, 390 $SAND Buy it here on Opensea

About The Team

At Nabiya we are a team of 6 seasoned voxel artists. Most notably we worked on building The Shrine of Truth as a collab work with the Sand Rush team, later acquired on auction by the Cyberkongz team.

We’ve also been building other exciting projects on The Sandbox, we’ll let you know more about that another time.

Currently our main focus is buildling our own title a Play2Earn atmospheric game. We love pushing the technical and artistic boundaries by tweaking all the tools we work with for on The Sandbox platform. With Halloween season upon us, we couldn’t resist the idea of creating our own spooky scene for a neighbour on The Sandbox maybe?