• Post published:February 7, 2024

Embark on an exciting adventure in Doga City, a vibrant world within The Sandbox, brought to life by Dogamí tales. Starting February 5th, join forces with heroes from Dogamí lore on a crucial quest to save the City. 

NABIYA Studio crafted this experience and provides a sneak peek of what’s in store.

Your Journey begins in Doga City

As travellers from all horizons venture to Doga City, they are greeted by perpetual sunshine and warm smiles. Nestled near the coast, the city offers an idyllic setting for those seeking sun-soaked relaxation or the joy of being surrounded by adorable dogs. Lining the streets, charming spots such as dog cafes beckon visitors to enjoy delightful moments while sipping on a cup of coffee. For those with a penchant for cultural exploration, the museum would be their favorite spot, where ancient artefacts and the rich history of Dogamí unfold in meticulously curated exhibits. It was the perfect vacation spot—or so it seemed.

One day, the scenery becomes tinged with mystery as a portal appears above the city. Initially dismissed as an organized event by local authorities, some citizens started growing uneasy as the portal’s presence persisted.


Should you accept the challenge, you will embark on a mission to save Doga City from the invasion of Set. Guided by citizens and Dogamí alike, you will roam around the city to discover hidden secrets and legends to defeat Set and push back the invasion. To unravel the mysteries of the obscure portal, you’ll undergo rigorous training under the guidance of a seasoned Dogamí mentor. Jump, swim, and run your way to peak agility, mastering skills you never thought possible—abilities that could come in handy for an undercover mission. 

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Who knew these skills would be put to use so soon? While exploring every corner of the city, you might meet a dog on a mission. Like a top detective, this Dogamí uncovered a dark secret—the city’s biggest corporation is involved in Set’s return. Your agility, learned through training, becomes vital as you navigate the mystery ahead. 

But the allure of Doga City doesn’t stop there. Your journey also leads you to meet characters like Karim Kodi, a famous archaeologist in charge of underwater excavations. Explore the mysteries of Atlantis, an underwater ruin probably tied to the city’s portal, holding crucial magical energies for the Dogamí.

As you navigate challenges, uncover secrets, and face the unknown, the mysteries of the Book of Set linger, promising a journey rich in magic, hidden realms, and the forging of unbreakable bonds.

Echoes of Ancient Myths: The Rise of Dogamí

In the ancient legends, stories unfold of a divine family emerging from the cosmic energies of the universe, existing in perfect harmony. Among these celestial beings were Anubis, a benevolent deity taking the form of a powerful dog, and Set, a formidable yet less creative Typhonic Beast. As they explored the cosmos, Set’s envy swelled, witnessing his fellow gods create life. Consumed by jealousy, Set turned his powers toward destruction, igniting a war among the gods. An epic battle took place, and Set’s destructive ambitions were silenced through united efforts.

In the aftermath, Anubis bestowed upon Earth the Dogamí—creatures embodying his joyful essence, destined to be companions to humanity. Inspired by these newfound companions, humans crafted temples merging ingenuity with mystical Dogamí powers.

Yet, an ancient shadow would soon envelop Set once again. Disgusted by his fellow gods’ generosity, Set unleashed chaos, sparking another God-War. Afterward, the survivors raised new temples, recording tales of the gods and Set’s looming threat.


As the gods departed, only the Dogamí remained, now Earth’s guardians. But before Anubis left, he bestowed upon them a secret power. If danger approached, they would awaken to protect their companions and the planet they called home.

Paws and Play

Whether you’re a dedicated member of the Dogamí Community eager to rediscover the lore or a SandFam newcomer, this experience promises to be where Dogamí stories unfold anew. Brace yourselves, for the destiny of Doga City now lies within your hands.